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Een fijne sfeer neerzetten, ruimte inbouwen voor een flexibele invulling, weten waar je het over hebt, uitdagen als het kan/moet, leuke oefeningen bedenken maar vooral: Als jullie Zelf komen, een fijn, elkaar versterkend stel dat uit eigen ervaringen put, dat ook eigen kwetsbaarheden laat zien en eigen emoties niet weg stopt. TOP!

Nordic Pharma

My Salesforce North Management team had the opportunity to join an online coaching session by Mirella and Renate during Covid-19. The training around communication & leadership has been perceived as very valuable and helped my team to communicate and lead in a better and trustful way with our peers and teams. After our management training we see a positive follow up by joining these sessions in even bigger groups for all our local teams. Thanks again for your effort and dedication and great insights!

Area Vice President ECS North | Salesforce

For a team building session with participants from R&D, RA and QA, we asked Mirella to be our trainer. The focus was on effective communication, collaboration and trust. With a perfect balance between theory and games Mirella provided us more insight in different communication styles, perception and personal interpretation. A safe setting was created to encourage everyone to participate openly. Mirella helped us to discover how to embrace and bridge these style gaps, with as a result, better relationships and a stronger team. At the end of the session, we felt inspired, empowered and proud!

Director Product Development, Nordic Pharma
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